The Flock is found and now this fair-weathered fowl needs a name!

H.E.A.T. Squad Flamingo
Our fair-weathered friend needs a name!


Our blue flamingos are so toasty in their energy-improved homes that they don’t need to fly south for the winter. Since they are sticking around, we thought they ought to have a name.

Please send any and all name suggestions via email. We’ll post the submissions to H.E.A.T. Squad’s Facebook account as they come in.


Find the Flock

A flock of H.E.A.T. Squad yard signs and blue flamingos traveled around Rutland County last summer. This fair-weathered flock migrated to different towns around the County. Spotters of these fair-weather fowl called call H.E.A.T. Squad for a chance to win $1,000 towards a home efficiency project! We received many entries and some clever ones at that.

One lucky bird watcher did win the $1,000 prize was was able to complete her home energy improvements this fall!


One of our favorites flock finding entries:

Linda Peavy checking in from Middletown Springs to report a “rare” bird for Vermont.

A blue flamingo (not, thank goodness, the more common pink one) was sighted by us on the lawn of the Middletown Springs Library!

Avid birdwatchers, imagine our astonishment to see this flamingo resting quietly and totally unafraid of us. The sighting was all the more intriguing, since the bird was hardly in his accustomed habitat and was surrounded not by other birds of his/her feather but rather by 18 long legged flat and colorful “birds” of another breed and species entirely.

The librarian, also a knowledgeable birder, pointed out an e-mail address and a phone number to call and report this rare sighting.

We’ve been a bit slow to report to you, since we’ve been busy sharing news of this opportunity to flock to the library to see this phenomenon.

We’ve heard other blue flamingo have been sighted all over Rutland County, and perhaps we’ll go out birding in order to widen our search, especially since the librarian phoned us to say the library flamingo and his/her strange companions (still unidentified) are showing signs of migrating elsewhere! 

All best,