Our primary goal is to substantially improve the efficiency of 1,000 homes in Rutland County by August 2013. And, the results of meeting the goal: homeowners save significant money on heating costs—an average of 375 gallons of heating fuel saved annually, housing stock of Rutland County is improved, local jobs are created, and significantly less carbon dioxide enters the atmosphere.

Each Home Energy Improvement makes a difference for our community. Each puts local people to work, keeps our hard-earned dollars in the local economy and supports local businesses. Each also lessens the impact that burning oil and wood products have on the environment.


Over the three-year grant period, we project that:

  • $2.4 million in residential energy costs will be saved
  • 7,500 MWh of electricity will be saved
  • 83,500 MMBTU of fuel oil will be saved
  • 13,524,341 lbs of carbon dioxide will be prevented from entering the atmosphere

Where we are now:

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